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A-GAME is an innovative, hydraformulate that rehydrates and reenergizes the body and mind. A-GAME provides 8 essential vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and nutrients without the need for any artificial flavors, sweetener, or dyes.

This alternative to the everyday sports drink utilizes honey for energy and flavor, fruit and vegetable juice for coloring, and sea salt minerals as a natural and highly effective means of replenishing electrolyte levels.

personal-iAs consumers’ focus on healthier eating habits, the beverage market is booming with functional beverages catering to sports hydrtion, and convenient natural/nutrition beverages. According to data from Chicago-based Information Resources Inc. (IRI), non-aseptic sports drinks generated sales just north of $7 billion in U.S. multi-outlets and convenience stores which is an increase of 7.7 percent over the prior-year. (Source: BevIndustry.com)

Analyst Outlook

Analyst for the beverage industry have suggested that sports drinks with fewer artificial additives will increase their ability to compete with water, and tha tsports drinks are expected to continue to grow in popularity, particularly for more natural energy drinks. (Source: 2020 State of the Beverage Industry)

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According to 2021 beverage industry research, consumers are seeking more hydration related beverages with natural ingredients to address improved focus, relaxation, and relieve (or ideally prevent) emotional health concerns.