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Locking it Up | 06/21/2021

We know that many of our readers are also fans of the popular investing television show “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs vie for dollars from the deep pocketed panel. During their pitches you often hear the wealthy investors ask if the product offering is “proprietary.”

It’s essential to know if it is indeed proprietary as it affirms the company’s uniqueness in the industry and reduces competition. It can mean everything.

So when we see FuelPositive Corporation (TSX.V: NHHH) (OTC: NHHHF) starting the process to lock up its proprietary technology by filing for patent protection for the Company’s “Modular Transportable Clean Hydrogen-Ammonia Maker” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office it gets our attention.

As we mentioned in our last report on FuelPositive, we believe that the market opportunity for the Company’s tech is enormous. Having real patent-protected IP in the space would be an enormous boon in our estimation.

Company CEO Ian Clifford lays it out in a nutshell, how this PROPRIETARY technology could deliver tremendous value to the Company while having a real, measurable impact on the environment:

“Our patent-pending carbon-free ammonia (NH3) technology is designed to reduce processing costs through the reduction of operating pressure and temperatures, resulting in significant additional value generated by using less energy than incumbent technologies. Our systems are also modular and scalable to allow for the appropriately sized systems to be installed exactly where our carbon-free ammonia is needed. This milestone for FuelPositive further reinforces the potential for the global implementation of our technology and we are working rapidly toward commercialization, with Phase 2 commercial demonstration systems well on their way to being realized.”

That last little nugget from Clifford shouldn’t be ignored. Achieving a commercialization phase in the short term will be a real boost to the Company – not just via a cash influx as a result of selling their systems – but it will affirm that the product is viable in the marketplace in real time. And protecting their breakthrough technology through a comprehensive patent program is imperative and they’re doing it! 

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