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    Within examples of todays most common daily experiences comes a new horizon of tactical marketing with immense scaleable growth and at-hand community access to tens of thousands of users. This shift in experience combines our need for the things that make our lives complete and societies need to support and enrich the lives of those we interact with. PENNEXX closes the gap by connecting an organizations marketing budgets directly to the customers who have the need or desire for these items, circumventing profile mining and many of todays common marketing gimmicks and bringing communication directly to the hands of those who would fulfill these connections.

    PENNEXX Technologies is quickly becoming a leading provider of socially connected and influenced direct marketing opportunities existing within and without social media platforms.

    Our very existence revolves around leveraging the success of connecting people through social connections, but taking that purpose and reinforcing continued engagement. We live at a cross section of social connection and business growth opportunities.

    Social Media Users Quote

    PENNEXX Technologies views crowd sourced communications as the foundation for business growth in deal seeking collaborations amongst socially connected individuals. Social campaigns account for 47 billion course changing events per year – why not use this force of communication power to grow the audience who uses what you offer. That's where PENNEXX subsidiary YourSocialOffers comes in.

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    Influenced by the best of social media. Driven by saving money. Valuable engagement for both Merchants and Users Already in your wheelhouse.

    Shared business growth through crowd sourced collaborations and influencers creates multiple layers of sharing and interaction – growth potential far beyond what single engagements achieve.

    YourSocialOffers allows everyone and anyone to be a part of your circle.

    The influence we gather for those we trust is worth more than just an advertisement by itself. Those in our circle prosper in the deals and rewards that everyone finds, earns, uses and shares. Tired of coupons that are expired or scam websites that say they offer a code but almost never works.

    Crowd sourced deal verification from people in your circles, people who do what you do and buy what you buy, validating the deals they find and sharing them with you.

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