Feedback from investor relations experts

Frederick M. Lehrer, Esquire / Securities Attorney

The ability of Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC to achieve maximum exposure to the public markets for their issuer clients is unparalleled in the investor relations' field. EMC provides superior value by conducting investor relations' campaigns that are comprehensive, well written, creative, expertly targeted, competitively priced and compliant with industry best practices.

Britt Brooks / Executive Vice President / TexCom, Inc.

Dear Jim, Thanks for your help with our market awareness. We have seen new interest in the company and noticed that our web site hits have gone up since you started with us.

We have also seen an end to stock price degradation as the result of a few of our large shareholders selling out. Looks like you guys have put enough new buyers in to turn the tide.

Penny Perfect, CEO. / AlphaTrade.com

After looking into all of the major providers of product oriented site search we clearly saw Nextopia as the best choice for our small e-commerce business. Their feature set was robust, the price was right, and their staff was informed and helpful. It was a simple decision which has proven to be the right one. With their pure ASP service, the Nextopia search engine was very easy to integrate. We simply created a datafeed and they did the rest. We were up and running within a few days. Updating the product search data is a simple matter of uploading a new datafeed.

"I have found Jim Painter and his company, Emerging Markets to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Jim consistently interacts with their client's to ensure the company's growth is balanced between shareholder improvement and corporate expansion. Emerging Markets is in a challenging industry that demands an inordinate amount of time for each client. Jim and his staff are attentive while at the same time focused on executing on a game plan to create a well rounded and comprehensive investor relations program."

Henry Jung / CFO /Director Xinhua China Ltd.

"We can strongly recommend the services of Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC. We are very satisfied with the services of the company.

The management is competent, compliant with SEC regulations, results driven, honest and responsive. We believe that their results are enhanced considerably by the many relationships the have developed within the financial community."

Donald A. Goer, Ph.D. / President & CEO / Intraop Medical Corporation

"We were very pleased with the services provided by Emerging Markets Consulting and would highly recommend them to companies for proper investor relations services."

Jimmy Wang / CEO & Chairman

"Worldwide Manufacturing USA, Inc. hired Emerging Markets Consulting as our investor relations company in the second quarter of 2005, Emerging Markets showed a great success in exposing Worldwide and their service was outstanding. We were very happy with the services and would highly recommend them to companies for proper investor relations services. "