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The Market Synergy Program provides Emerging Markets (EMC) clients with comprehensive and innovative marketing programs that are designed to maximize investor awareness and interest in the small cap arena. The Emerging Markets team combines years of proven industry experience with professional grade tools to give clients targeted exposure that results in broad, cost effective results. We are our list of past and current clients and contact the decision makers - you will see that our impact is both ethical and effective.

Market Synergy Program Options:

Client companies are strongly encouraged to schedule news events to maximize interest and appeal during EMC's media and broker outreach efforts.

We will provide ongoing and repeated delivery of the following components:

  • Email Digital Communications via the Emerging Markets database and its Micro Cap Report database.
    • All email lists are verified using commercial grade software systems to clean lists which results in higher delivery rates to get your information in front of the right potential investors. The EMC list is composed of double opt-in subscribers who actively seek opportunities in the small cap sector. The Micro Cap Report database is composed of investors who also actively seeks small cap sector opportunities. www.traderstimes.com is made up of accredited investor double opt in subscribers. These lists will be used to distribute relevant news and information on behalf of our clients.
  • Broker Relations consisting of 50-75 phone calls per day with a "positive client presentation". This is extremely effective due to the relationships we have developed over the years and the winners to which they've been introduced.
  • Banner Ads on www.themicrocapreport.com, www.emergingmarketsllc.com, www.traderstimes.com where a client company will be featured on Emerging Market's web sites in a client "Profile of the Month" on a rotating basis with other clients.
  • Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and LinkedIn will be optimized to distribute important client content using appropriate target marketing. If the client company does not have Facebook and twitter accounts, we will help create a social media presence for the client company. We offer extended services to contract highly skilled agencies that can monitor all the relevant comments and message boards for our client companies. EMC clients will receive a "positive client presentation" on multiple message boards daily.
  • Search Engine Optimization often called SEO is monitored and fine-tuned to increase the potential for client websites and content to be highly visible for potential investors. "Writing for the web" takes experience, planning and a level of precision that the EMC team uses when creating dedicated digital communications resources for our clients.

Featured Services Spotlight

We can create a webpage that highlights the company's investment opportunity and use Google, Yahoo and Bing to get client featured content websites in front of the investment community. Our services include website content development that is accessible of mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Content is designed to perform well for search engine optimization.

Digital advertising is used to drive awareness, interest and desire to learn more about opportunities to become a potential investor. The EMC team has more than a decade of experience creating and implementing digital advertising campaigns which saves clients money and time by being able to reach the right potential investor at the right time.

The EMC team will provide consulting and guidance related to trading on the micro cap market and general business consulting, which will be available to assist clients to maximize marketability and investor interest.

As part of EMC's wide range of investor relations services, our highly skilled team can assist with creating company collateral, brochures and fact sheets - often called company slicks. We have the skill and capabilities to create collateral that spotlights the company and stock/investor opportunities.

In today's fast paced world, if you don't have a website, you don't exist. EMC has a professional team of industry experts that specialize in web design, development and content creation. Developing an investor relations section of your website for clients requires a partnership to shape content and tell the company story that can be delivered in an eye catching, appealing way that maximizes interest for all website visitors. The EMC team has decades of investor relations experience that can be used to strengthen your website.

Our experienced team of investor relations professionals can guide and assist in creating press releases and other editorial resources that are needed to maximize awareness for clients. EMC would draw on information provided by the client, then shape the information into a compelling, highly informative resource that can be effectively used with media, investors and industry partners.

Taking a company on the road can be a complex and time consuming process. Planning for the right destinations, coordinating the best contacts and streamlining the logistics to deliver a polished presentation takes the skill of an experienced team. EMC has that experience. We can plan and set up roadshows that help get clients in front of potential investors and industry influencers.

EMC invests time, talent and resources in developing and maintaining targeted lists of investors that extend beyond the United States. We have the ability to do strategically targeted email campaigns to high net worth individuals in Canada and Europe with a focus on Switzerland and Germany.

EMC's targeted marketing efforts drive awareness and interest that can result is as many as 10,000 views per day to dedicated news sections and dedicated webpages that spotlight client information.

The collective goal of the Market Synergy program is to obtain widespread and meaningful exposure for the company, liquidity for investors, and recognition of successful implementation of the business plan in the market. The Market Synergy program accomplishes these goals without spam or egregious hyperbole, helping to create long-term shareholders instead of transient day traders.

Contact us today to discuss your company's needs so we can provide a proposal that is tailored to your specific services.


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